We walk in Sardinia: a model of slow, experiential and sustainable tourism

Landscapes and itineraries that cross them, villages and communities that bring them to life, experiences shared between travellers and their hosts, well-being of body and soul. Sardinia is nature, culture, traditions and hospitality, a land to be ‘experienced’ all year round, in harmony with the environment and in contact with people, creating permanent bonds with the inhabitants and its guests.

Along the routes travelled by pilgrims over the centuries, we reach the ‘heart’ of the Island’s identity, in its most authentic and profound part. This is where the underlying theme of ‘We Walk in Sardinia’ is found. It is a project conceived, developed and promoted by the Department of Tourism for the Region of Sardinia.

A project that embodies a model of slow, experiential and sustainable tourism, based on an original and effective use of the Paths of Sardinia and the Pilgrimage Destinations, included in the regional Register of Paths.
Each path can offer an intimate and introspective experience, each destination is a place characterised by deep devotion and both combine the spiritual and cultural dimensions, offering an experience aimed at discovering the material and immaterial heritage of their territory and feeling part of the communities that live within them.