A landscape of enchanting, wild beauty surrounds Gesturi, the northernmost village in the Marmilla region. The impression of entering a border territory increases as you leave the inhabited area, heading east in the direction of the Giara (which takes its name), an ecosystem of immeasurable naturalistic value and the ‘home’ of the legendary little horses whose origins are not entirely clear. Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic legacies, such as the Bruncu Madugui and various domus de Janas, along with deep-rooted traditions, characterise a village that finds its spiritual figure of reference in the Blessed Nicola. His memory is still very much alive, in Gesturi as in Cagliari, where the monk died. However, it is in village at the foot of the Giara that you can discover his origins, contemplate the places where he was born and grew close to the faith, and experience his essence in peace and simplicity, far away from everyday stress. From the birthplace of the Blessed Nicola, now a museum, to the ‘urban’ and rural churches, like the parish church of Santa Teresa d’Avila, the austere Santa Maria Egiziaca and the ‘bucolic’ church of Madonna d’Itria, passing through the archaeological and natural treasures of the area, the path is one of self-knowledge and rediscovery of yourself, in scenarios of timeless charm.

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