St. Ignatius, the first Sardinian saint, was born in Laconi. His birthplace is now a museum displaying evidence of his path to holiness and the main pilgrimage destination of a trail leading through the alleys and squares of a village steeped in devotion, where the locations linked to the saint’s life are places to stop at for prayer and reflection. The environment around the town contributes to the climate of spiritual meditation: woods, streams and waterfalls, a natural oasis, where the Italian Touring Club’s Orange Flag flies. Just outside the residential area, the Aymerich Park is the symbol of a village surrounded by greenery: over twenty hectares of forest in which there is a beautiful garden with an infinite variety of rare and exotic flowers and plants and the remains of the medieval castle of a noble family of Spanish origin. As well as profound spirituality and superb nature, the territory of Laconi has recovered plenty of evidence of ancient civilizations: menhirs from prehistoric times and anthropomorphic statues dating back to the end of the Neolithic period, partly exhibited in the Menhir Museum, while others can be admired in the surrounding hills, where they have been set in the ground for thousands of years.

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