Eight towns characterised by extraordinary popular devotion that unfolds in rituals, processions, songs and moments of authentic sharing and involvement in spirituality, with firm roots in thousand-year-old traditions and focused around the figures of saints and the blessed.

The pilgrimage destinations are: Borutta, famous for the church and monastery of San Pietro di Sorres; Dorgali, homeland of the Blessed Sister Maria Gabriella Sagheddu, patron saint of Christian unity; Galtellì, a village characterised by deep devotion following the miracles of the Holy Crucifix; Gesturi, where the Blessed Nicola was born; Laconi, the village where Saint Ignatius was born and lived; Luogosanto, site of the Holy Door and the statue of the Queen of Gallura; Orgosolo, homeland of the Blessed Antonia Mesina; Sant’Antioco, a little town named after the patron saint of Sardinia.