Suspended between the slopes of the Tuttavista mountain and the banks of the Cedrino, the village ‘narrated’ by Grazia Deledda in ‘Reeds in the Wind’ brings the present and the past together in the Deleddiano Park that winds along one of the most distinctive historic centres in Sardinia. Once the seat of the diocese and stronghold of the Judicate of Gallura, Galtellì is a trove of natural and artistic treasures and of authentic knowledge and natural flavours. The Holy Crucifix is the protector of its hospitable community and, according to legend, it came from the sea. It is on display in ‘its’ church and is a pilgrimage destination, in memory of the miracles of 1612 and of repeated marvels over the centuries. The processional rituals in its honour, accompanied by the sound of the gozos (devotional chants) end, at the culmination of a captivating itinerary, at the top of the Tuttavista mountain, where the bronze Crucifix stands out. The mountain, characterised by the natural monument of sa preta istampata and by enchanting landscapes, is a favourite destination for trekkers and climbers. Deep devotion is the recurring theme of a town with a high concentration of places of worship, including the former Cathedral of San Pietro, with frescoes dating back to the 12th century. The history and traditions of the village are kept in the Marras Ethnographic Museum, in the domus de Janas inside the Malicas Park and in the ruins of the Castle of Pontes.

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