The Path of Santu Jacu follows the common thread of worship for St. James the Greater in Sardinia: the original route is made up of an ideal 450-kilometre ridge that runs from village to village, in every place where the saint, protector against lightning and dispenser of the viaticum of a good death, is venerated. The starting point is Cagliari in the direction of Mandas, where the Catalan-Gothic-style Church of San Giacomo is a major piece of monumental evidence. The path then connects the rural churches dedicated to the saint in the regions of Barbagia, Marghine, Goceano and Logudoro, where the church of Ittireddu stands and is the destination of a pilgrimage on horseback. From Sassari, the path arrives at Porto Torres, where you can look towards Compostela, to which it ideally connects. Three other itineraries have been added to this main one and are constantly updated, covering a total of about 1600 kilometres that can be travelled in both directions and in small portions. To the west, between Bolotana and Oristano; on the northeastern side, with an initial stage in Ozieri and arrival in Olbia, and in the deepest part of Sulcis, departing from Cagliari, until you reach the islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro.

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