A figure surrounded by ‘legend’, as well as by a huge spiritual influence in the Sardinian locations he frequented during his life, San Giorgio is accompanied by heartfelt devotion, as is evident in the numerous village churches and rural sanctuaries dedicated to him, which make up the Path of San Giorgio Vescovo (Saint George Bishop). The saint lived around the year one thousand and was the bishop of the Ecclesia Barbariensis, with his see in Suelli, a village also famous for the nuraghe Piscu, a name that in fact means ‘bishop’. The path unwinds along the trail of the saint’s wanderings, starting from Cagliari, his birthplace. After leaving the capital, the route moves north, touching the Trexenta countryside and passing close to the Pranu Muttedu Park in Goni and the nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli.  It touches on the natural monuments of the Buttes of Ogliastra, among which the Scala (Staircase) di San Giorgio, a spectacular rocky crevice in the Taccu of Osini. Then it unfolds along two routes, one coastal and the other across the lunar landscapes of Supramonte, in Barbagia. The ‘junction’ point is Urzulei, where you can choose whether to head east, passing through Triei and concluding the route at the Church of San Giorgio Vescovo in Arbatax, or proceed north, admiring the murals of Orgosolo before reaching the final destination, Oliena.

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