We Walk in Sardinia 2023

Jun 29, 2023 | News

is the second edition of an event which, from 3 to 7 October 2023, will involve about a thousand people with the participation in various groups made up of journalists, video reporters, influencers, experts, enthusiasts, hospitality operators and representatives of institutions (local, regional and national).< The groups will walk simultaneously on 13/15 paths and spiritual itineraries – for a total of one thousand kilometers – in the beauty of an authentic and unusual Sardinia, to then meet in the village of Laconi, in the center of the island, where the closing conference, where the guests, on Saturday 7 October, will gather at the end of their respective walks and will share the unique and unforgettable experience, listening to the story from the voices of the protagonists, walkers and journalists. On this occasion, the programs and stages for approaching and promoting the offer of the Paths and spiritual itineraries towards the Jubilee 2025 will be defined.

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